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Kerstynelawler 7 days ago

Fajitas Chupacabras

My absolute favorite place to order from, with the best combo of shrimp, steak, and chicken fajitas.

Hezicka 26 days ago

Cheese Quesadilla

The best, most savory cheesy quesadilla in town!

Yasmin about 1 month ago


I went to taco Tuesday a few weeks ago and now I am HOOKED! These tacos are fresh and very tasty . The shredded beef ,fresh crispy shell, and cheese are amazing and the portions of each are very generous. To anyone who likes hardshell tacos , I recommend that you try these! You WONT be disappointed!

Suellenjackie about 2 months ago

Seared Ahi Tacos

Me & my family have been coming to joselitos for as far back as i can remember. I think ive tried almost everything on the menu. Every part of them is amazing. They're definitely a family restaurant cuz I feel at home everytime. So friendly & fun. But let's get to the food! Exquisite! Every dish is made with love, so delicious. One of my favorite is the seared ahi tacos. You just have to try 'em. Indescribable. & the sauce that comes with them, yum. Thank you guys for a wonderful experience everytime! 🖤 The Harp Family.

Aquamarinelec 2 months ago

Burrito Especial

Delicious food, great drinks and the best service! We spend our "date nights" at Joselito's & it's the best! Going there tonight to celebrate my hubby's birthday. All the food here is great—love the table-side guacamole and their chips are light and crispy, perfectly seasoned. Drinks are tasty, strong & reasonably priced. The atmosphere is cozy, comfortable and festive. You can't go wrong with Joselito's!

Txs1472 3 months ago

Joselito's Special Burrito

A great hearty vegetarian option.

Nutzklutz 3 months ago

BBQ Quesadilla

I love this dish! The margaritas and guacamole round out the goodness!

Tadiajanelle 3 months ago

Shrimp Tacos

The garlic butter sauce on the shrimp tacos is to die for! I'm picky with shrimp dishes but Joselito's does it right every time. The shrimp is always flavorful and never overcooked. The rice and beans are delicious and flavorful as well. I'm about to place a pick up order now!

Guest 3 months ago

Carnitas Plate

The flavor cooked into the Carnitas is incredible. Always cooked to pefection. It has been my favorite GO TO dish for a while now. I highly recommend.

Meggrin 5 months ago

Potato Tacos

The potato tacos are so good! I always think I want to try something else, but I can't not get the potato tacos every time! Crispy, creamy, and cheesy. Love the rice and beans with the house chips too.

Christinehcuenco 6 months ago

Arrachera Tacos

An explosion of flavors and delightfulness in my mouth....need I say more?! Cheers everyone!

Txs1472 7 months ago

BBQ Quesadilla

The Quesadilla was so savory. The bbq sauce was amazing complimentary to the grilled chicken, sour cream and fresh avocado.

Vesperstars 25 days ago

Enchiladas Almondine

One of the best dishes ive had in this life.

Julieclitheroe2011 26 days ago

Mexico City Tacos

These are really authentic street tacos. So good. and if you like street Tacos, you are going to love these. I got pollo and carinitas. Joselito's is a really great Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood.

Kimberly about 1 month ago

Enchilada Lito

I absolutely love love love this great place. The food, the people who work there. It's all great. Everything is delicious and the employees must be treated well because they're always smiling and happy. Check it out and bring a friend. You and they will not be disappointed.

Handydon48 2 months ago

Carnitas Plate

I am ALWAYS satisfied with this plate. The Carnitas is perfectly seasoned and cooked. The Avocados are fresh and full of flavor, add to that the rice and beans smoothered in gooey melted cheese and you have one of the BEST meals around. I am always satisfied and full when I finish. Occasionally I throw in the chocolate flan and my evening is heaven. Joselitos has a true winner with this dish.

Madden77 3 months ago

Crispy Quesadilla

My very favorite on the menu they always make it the way I like it! I get half steak and half chicken! Topped with guacamole and sour cream! The peppers are red and green with sautéed onion just a perfect amount every time!

Txs1472 3 months ago

Mexican Poke

So fresh!

Grin 3 months ago

Joselito's Special Burrito

I love this burrito! The sauce inside is so good, and there is plenty of cheese, and egg from the chile relleno batter. Will definitely order again!

Echospin 3 months ago

Fajitas Chupacabras

As usual we started with their chips, which are delightfully light and crispy, and salsa, both the house and the verde (tomatillo), which are undeniably addictive. We continued our culinary journey with their chicken tortilla soup which absolutely explodes with flavor and is something I crave anytime I am feeling under the weather. As if that wasn't enough, we continued on to the Fajitas Chupacabras. And what can I say? The tenderness of the beef, chicken and shrimp tie so well with the veggies and citrus based marinade. Add in the warm homemade flour (or corn) tortillas and your taste buds won't know what hit them. But be warned! The portions are so generous that you will be hard-pressed to finish. But that just makes it more wonderful since you can have the leftovers the next day! I have been coming to Joselito's since 1999, have tried their entire menu over the last 20 years and have never had a dish that I did not thoroughly savor and revel in its deliciousness.

Dtm913 5 months ago

Carne Asada & Shrimp

I loved their carne asada and shrimp, the meat was soooo juicy, and the shrimps were so crispy, the salsa, and margaritas were good as well. Also their waiter was so attentive, but not overly, just perfect, all staff was polite, nice, and attentive. I love this place, I have visited for Sunday Brunch, Friday night, and saturday lunch with my friends and family, and they never dissapoint.

Funlisa21 6 months ago


This is my favorite! I order it all the time and when I don't I am sad about it, because I want everything here!

Brian 7 months ago

Nachos Lito

Chips with everything on it...holy guacamole it's a good time...enough for dinner and a late night snack

Hezicka 8 months ago

Arrachera Tacos

SO succulent and flavorful! The meat was so dreamy and the spices were lovely.


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